Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

What utilities are covered by the landlord and what am I responsible for?
It varies from building to building. Please refer to your lease agreement. If you have any questions please contact Peak Realty Group, Inc.

Are satellite dishes allowed on the property?
No, satellite dishes are not allowed anywhere on the property.

Can I pay my rent electronically?
Yes, we have just added this to our website. Please click on the “pay my rent” tab for more information.

Do you allow pets?
We do allow pets in some of the buildings. Where pets are allowed, they are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Peak Realty Group, Inc. to find out details on a specific rental.

How long is the lease?
All of our leases are for a minimum of 1 year and then renew on a month to month basis.

I am locked out of my apartment. Can someone let me in?
Tenants are responsible for lockouts. If it is during regular business hours please contact us and we may be able to get a maintenance worker by to let you in. If it is after regular business hours please call Don’s Locks at 415-826-8926. The tenant will be responsible for paying Don’s Locks directly.

How do I request repairs for my apartment?
All work orders need to be made electronically from the website. This will allow the tenant to give details of the problem and allow us to enter their unit. If you do not give maintenance permission to enter your unit on the work order we will arrange a time during regular business hours for you to meet a maintenance person. Please understand that this may cause a delay in repairing the problem.

Is notice required before moving out or do I just leave on the last day of the lease?
In San Francisco the lease automatically renews on a month to month basis. You are required to give a 30 day written notice prior to vacating the property.

May I sublease or rent out my apartment on airbnb?
No, subleasing or renting out your apartment is a direct violation of your lease.

When is the rent due?
The rent is due on the 1st of the month and is late by the 5th of the month. All checks are to be mailed to Peak Realty Group, Inc., 499 Marina Blvd., Suite A, San Francisco, CA 94123.

I bought a house and need to break my lease. What do I do?
If you purchased your house through Peak Realty Group, Inc. we will allow you to break your lease with a 30 day notice. If you used another real estate company for the purchase then you are responsible for the rent until the end of your lease or until a new tenant (approved by Peak Realty Group, Inc.) has signed a lease and started paying rent.

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